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Three of 2015: Bold, Roots, Collaboration

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On this 3rd day of the new year, i’m inspired by the “three word challenge“:

“The idea is that the words you choose will go past being a simple goal and will become part of the way you identify yourself, and thus, a guiding light for your efforts.”Chris Brogan

Here’s mine for 2015: 

#‎Collaboration‬ – honing the space for more truthful mutual exchange.
‪#‎Roots‬ – deeper depths, expansive growth.
‪#‎Bold‬ – last year, just a hashtag. this year, intentional action.

More than a resolution for the new year, these three represent a movement for change.  #BlackIsBold


3 responses to “Three of 2015: Bold, Roots, Collaboration”

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    […] bold is not necessarily brash. it has elegance. it can be regal. it is feminine. and it is “armed and ready”. these warrior queens are just that. poised. beautiful. and not afraid. alongside others, they show their formidable skills. they inspire me to be bold. […]

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