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shifts. transitions. newness. a return.

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shifts. transitions. new and welcoming.

as i return to the practice of sharing what’s going on and upcoming, sharing what’s most immediately going on!

shifting from my time/work with Live Art Development Agency in the UK, transitioning to this new work with Emerging Curators Institute (@emergingcurators). carrying with me learnings, failings, expansive intentions, understandings yet to be processed, as I move somewhat gracefully into this role of Director. will continue to discover, to deepen my listening, practice of care and intentions of support for emergence, for holding, shaping space for possibilities that others can feel tangibly, are invited to be their full selves while embracing complexities of being in a ongoing challenging arts ecosystem. curation, cure, care. readying for a return to the Twin Cities after decades of being in community across many geographies. Minnesota oh, yes, the conversation will continue with you, while I invite others from around and across the way to join in.

 #EmergingCuratorsInstitute #CultivatingProgressiveConversationsOnCuration 

#SupportingEmergingCurators #Minnesota



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