2019 newness! nyc coming soon…

2019 newness!

NYC coming your way this week…
presenting new work as part of the group exhibition Refiguring The Future, opening on Friday, February 8, from 6pm – 8pm at 205 Hudson Gallery.

this new work – “markings” emerges as performative impressions that center disabled and Deaf folx through an intersectional lens. Resisting pervasive notions that erase disabled and Deaf bodies from conceptions of the future, i seek to reflect how these communities can and will occupy space as we evolve as a society. in addition to a floor piece that will be created in real time, a video collaboration with Deaf Spectrum will be exhibited in ‘conversation’ with the floor markings. the video features Nur Abdulle signing as a linguistic expression of mark-making.


The gallery is located at 205 Hudson St. and is wheelchair accessible. ASL interpretation will be available at the opening. The exhibit runs through March 31, 2019.


#Intersectionality #NYCseeYouSoon #BlackDisabledQueering #NewWork #markings




Author: Barak adé Soleil

contemporary artist, independent consultant and curator. working within community.

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