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been awhile. some reflections from past year and so.

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it’s been awhile since last posting.

to offer some catching up on what I’ve been up to,  some brief reflections  of past creative endeavors from 2017:

beginning of year presentation culminating my 2016 residency at Rebuild Foundation

image of black body in prone plank position on ground of Stony Island Arts Bank in front of artist Glenn Ligon’s installation – large neon word “blues”. image courtesy of artist.

early 2017 Robert Rauschenberg Residency

shrouded by dead dry  branches in a white space, large black male body lies on the ground with his back to the camera. image from step n2 this room presentation during the RR residency

which led to solo performance presentation at Seattle University

a solo presentation for Black Intersections Conference / The Claremont Colleges

image of black disabled male on set of stairs holding onto rail with one hand while grasping wheelchair with the other, seeming suspended above the steps, from “a series of movements” presentation at The Claremont Colleges in California. image courtesy of Marcus Polk

and a duet presentation at Brooklyn College in spring

travels to Canada in summer which included a brief creative interlude at Art Gallery of Ontario

speaking at Chicago’s 3Arts Foundation Awards ceremony in the fall


becoming a recipient of Art Matters Foundation award

and moving into 2018, offering a performance moment at Art Institute of Chicago



One response to “been awhile. some reflections from past year and so.”

  1. mauricio tafur salgado Avatar

    Hello Barak,

    My name is Mauricio Tafur Salgado and among other things, I am blessed to know of your work. I come to you through the word of Carmen Morgan. I am also blessed to be working with her through artEquity. She recommended that I reach out to you to see if we could chat about a convening I am co-organizing. It is our hope to organize a gathering of folk to envision an equitable and inclusive training model that decenters white-ableist-patriarchal supremacy. Our hope is to organize this convening for the summer of 2019. Would you mind if we connected to see if you’d be interested in joining our effort? Warmly,

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