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reflections on the “good” and the black | body

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Last month, February, I presented the  “good” body (Chicago edition) in the Great Space of UIC Arts Building.  Soon after, Dana Michel performed Yellow Towel as part of the black | body at DCASE Storefront Theatre.

Here are reflections from those who witnessed:

the “good” body, Barak’s performative lecture


reflections from various folk via text messages on what is a “good” body

– “My bleeding, leaking body is a good body to me.”

– “My body is good when I own myself”

– “A good body transcends human constructs. It is a vessel through which i experience the world.”

– “The good body survives.”

from  writer Kate Sierzputowski’s preview

– “…addresses the distinct and intersecting legacies of race and disability..” 


the black | body, Dana’s performance of Yellow Towel


reflections from various folk

– “Rarely have I experienced such active, complex inner negotiations about how/whether/when to relate: to the live in the moment, to the issues being addressed, to the thoughts and feelings they evoked.”

– “I think a part of me just died…”

– “That was STRANGE”

from  writer Lauren Warnecke’s  review

– “Once you commit, you’re locked in and have to do it, like it or not. It’s not fun at times, you want to look away, your gut rises and falls in your stomach…. but at the end, you walk out with a rush of adrenaline and can’t wait to do it again.”


Engaging community, Dana joined folks on the south side for Open Dances; to talk about how and why she does what she does.



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