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“This man wanted to know you and to share life with you. He wanted to know your life and become involved in it in a way you don’t find many folks doing. We sat and had coffee as if we had been friends forever…” —Byron Craig, remarking on Don Belton.


Don, i’m thinking of you man. on this day marking the 3 year anniversary of your tragic death. time has passed, “justice” has been served and the legacy of your writings, connections with loved ones still permeate the collective mind.

Kwanzaa’s day of Ujima resonates deeply when i think on how the community of people gathered, kept record and never let your memory fade or the tragic events of your death overcome the beauty of your unique being. There are blogs honoring you, keeping tabs on the court proceedings and holding space for those to continue to share their memories….may it continue to…

Don Belton, a community of people still speak your name with warmth and fondness, with joy in their hearts….

Happy Kwanzaa!


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