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this coming week final #3 of 3 distinct performative moments this fall. 2 opportunities to see a progress of process. not sure when i’ll be “dancing” again…

“I don’t know why i can’t dance” 

part of:

DanceBridge Works-In-Progress
at the CCC December 4th and 5th

Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington St, Dance Studio

Chicago, IL 60602
December 4th + 5th, 6pm

I don’t know why I can’t dance
Anthony Romero with Baraka de Soleil, Hope Penner, and Marina Miliou-Theocharaki. 

Written collaboratively by Anthony Romero, Baraka de Soleil, Hope Penner, and Marina Miliou-Theocharaki, I don’t know why I can’t dance, is an investigation into the generative possibilities of deconstruction in dance. Each of the dancers was asked to begin with a movement phrase that they felt was deeply ingrained in their muscle memory. Over the course of the residency this phrase was slowed, elongated, and eventually folded back in on itself. This process has been repeated at length; making and unmaking itself as it has grown. 

DanceBridge is an initiative by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events to grant space to dance-makers and performance artists in order to foster the creation of new work.

In this work-in-progress showing, the Fall 2012 Dancebridge artists present a selection from the work they created while in residency in the Dance Studio at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Presenting artists: Striding Lion Performance Group, Anthony Romero, and Antibody Corporation.



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