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Ewe women of Ghana, Togo, Benin…

At the festival of reunion, home coming celebration of this year Ewe is placed under the sign of “dance, solidarity and reconciliation.” It remains an opportunity for Ewe people of Togo, Benin, Ghana and the Diaspora to rally Notsè considered their historical birthplace. Through the sphere of commemoration of the common life, it is also a way to transcend colonial boundaries for the harmonious development of the Ewe people.
The history of the Ewe people running around the wall of Agbogbo, King Agokoli, migration of the Ewe of from Nigeria stand in southern Togo.
When the Ewe came to Notsè, there was a lot of insecurity in the area, and the king Agokoli began to build a great wall around the city to protect against both enemies and certainly against wild animals. Agbogbo became a place of refuge because he has seen an influx of people fleeing insecurity and who had found shelter in Agbogbo. The population began to increase at the same time there were disputes about the throne, which is one reason of the last exodus of Ewe.



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