Mixed Movement comes to Chi-town!

Mixed Movement, an international event will be coming to Chicago soon…here’s a bit of info on it:
Mixed Movement is an open stage for dancers to improvise with live musicians while sharpening and sharing their skills. At its essence Mixed Movement is a place where no matter what your movement background, you can come together and celebrate with others the joy of dance, whether you sign up and participate, or just watch.

The event is the brainchild of dancer, theatre artist, and poet DawN Crandell – who has created an open stage for dancers after being frustrated with the lack of spontaneous opportunities for performance and the segmentation of the various dance communities.Created in New York City, USA in February 2009, Mixed Movement came across the pond to reside at Contact in August 2009 where it is now a successful monthly event.

The night begins with improvised solos. In the second round these eight dancers are paired up chance, their names pulled out of a hat, and then magic of Mixed Movement manifests. Movers from different backgrounds find and create a common language of the body in the moment. Next we turn to the audience for the inspired Wild Card Section, where we invite three to five members to improvise a group piece on the spot.

more to come…


Author: Barak adé Soleil

contemporary artist, independent consultant and curator. working within community.

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