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Across cultures, disciplines & neighborhoods in Chicago, from various aesthetic backgrounds, 9 dynamic artist participants communed inside the vastness of an “open space”. Asked to bring all of who they are into the room and challenged to speak & create into existence what they felt came from their creative lineage, these artists listened, offered each other feedback through a rigorous protocol, were provoked, sometimes frustrated and took risks exploring, experimenting and excavating their ‘body of work’. Sometimes their task was to simplify, other times to layer, juxtapose or interrupt their way of routinely developing art. 5 components will be reflected from this journey: Food (we always ate together) Featured moments (3 artists will be highlighted each gathering) Installation Interaction ( a chance to participate in and/ witness other dimensions of their unique experience) Response (engage with us in dialogue surrounding the creative work witnessed) Re-Frame ( a chance for the artists to engage in collaborative moments with each other. a chance for all to experiment!) Now this evening they have gathered with you to share what it means to Re-Frame creative process within community. reframe: a gathering in Chicago

Artist Participants:
Victoria Martínez
Ching-In Chen
Iman Crutcher
Michael Johnson
Rebecca Kling
Anansi Knowbody
Sojourner Zenobia Wright
Isaac Fosl Van-Wyke
Eboni Senai Hawkins

Facilitated by Baraka de Soleil & Awilda Rodriguez Lora



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