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from Awilda to Re-frame

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Thank you Baraka and all the artists that have been gathering with the intention, desire and exploration for the Re-Framing of the creative/collective process that is Re-Frame: A Gathering Project.

Currently living in Puerto Rico and sharing via skype and phone with Baraka and the artists. Time moves ever so quickly and so dynamic with all the creative energy flowing in all directions.

I made the decision after 12 years living in the US where I was able to study, train, work, collaborate, create and perform in a interdisciplinary ways to return what i call the beginning. A place where discovery was the ingredient and the unknown was scary. My spirit is one of constant movement and the decision to return to the place where it all began, Puerto Rico has been an experience of both many discoveries and challenges.

The opportunity to co-facilitate this project with Baraka de Soleil is a unique and exciting experience. I bring with me the passion and commitment to develop and promote spaces where discovery and risk are core values of the process for creation.

Based on the “Law of two feet” that is crucial for the creative process for collaborations that is the Open Space Technology(OST) framework used in this project, artists walk into a space of discovery. I thank them all for entering the space of Rumble Arts Center and that later on will continue the flow to Links Hall.

The days are passing by and the enthusiasm continues to built up. Thanks again to all the supporters of this project who have donated, spread the word and shared their thoughts with us.

See you all December 5th when I will be arriving to enter the space as both a facilitator and an artist.

We still have 28 days to achieve our goal please continue supporting this project. See you all at the Gathering.

awilda rodriguez lora


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