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Day 12 – B-day revelations

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for my b-day i reflect on an earlier conversation that for me became such a revelation… i call it the ‘Ultimate Consciousness raising Conversation with C’ – (Panafest staff)…in such few shifts of language, he opened me to re-thinking how we view slavery..i have paraphrased and contextualized what he shared with me:

*ENSLAVED not Slaves — “we need to remove ourselves from being categorized as victims and to stop thinking of ourselves as SLAVES..”

*OPPRESSOR not Master — he reiterated what G had said which was” that NO ONE IS THE MASTER OF ANOTHER..”

DUNGEON not Castle —


“when we think of Castles, we romanticize a vision of a beautiful place with dragons and princesses and knights in shining armor…NONE OF THAT should be associated with these areas that enslaved people, imprisoned them in dark damp overcrowded enviroments; where they had little to eat and had to shit, piss and cry where they also sat, laid and waited….it’s time to remove that term from history books…”

That is all i shall offer up for this day…all else was insignificant and/or too sacred to reveal…




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