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Day 10 – the “opening” ceremony and evolving consciousness

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TD or Not TD? that’s the question riddling me as my stomach attempts to reconcile with the Ghanaian cuisine that has held it captive…well the proof is in the _____…

Anyway i am up with a quickness as i venture to the Jubilee grounds where the official OPENING of Panafest is to take place…Jubilee was Victoria Park before they decided to have the 50th anniversary of Ghana’s idependence from British colonial rule there…they renamed it JUBLILEE…well i wasn’t too jubilant about attending this event because:
1. i knew it wouldn’t start on time – more like two hours past their posted start time — extreme ‘CP’ time and i am so stuck in European timeliness (ET time)..
2. pomp and circumstance – there would be so much fanfare and introductions and processions and protocol prior to the commencing of the opening ceremony that my TD would not allow me to sit for…not even for a moment to witness a traditional durbar (procession of Chiefs of Cape Coast and surrounding areas)
3. i was so stuck in the experience of the water ride from the nite before that i would have loved a whole day to just sit and reflect…

by 10am i am at the JUBILEE grounds despite the 3 abovementioned reasons not to attend…
i cannot help being on ET time and decide to go shop in close vicinity of the Jubilee grounds…

by 12noon ish the fanfare begins with stiltwalkers and musicians and MUCH pomp and circumstance…

i fade in and out of the introductions and search for G in the crowd…He finally comes up to me and we agree later to meet at the hotel – he has volunteer duties to attend to and so he heads off…no Durbar occurs (at least nothing that i would imagine to be the grand procession) but do catch some North American urban flavah from a Canadian all young men’s group named Baby Boyz….they perform hip lock contemporary movements and motiffs to a pastiche of music…. i, exhausted by the sun and seeking sustenance head back to the hotel soon after they end….

sometime later in the afternoon G arrives at the hotel…after deep and heated discussion related to religiosity and matters i do not wish to disclose, he decides he no longer wishes to continue a close friendship with me …i offer to give him back a gift he had given me, but he vehemently refuses to accept this ‘dash’ – ‘ i dashed you this so you cannot give it back’ – if you try i will be insulted” …a ‘dash’ is an offering one gives to you that often has ‘no strings attached’, but sometimes will require a reciprocation (at least from what some “hustlers” told me later)….i spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening in deep reflection on my connection and dis-connection with G …

that nite at Adisadel blackouts #14 and #15 occur…but this does not dissuade the energetic music and movement of one group of men who decide to continue to have joy and fun in the midst of the darkness….i decide to sit close to them and bask in their joy and the beauty of the moon…by now i had been accustomed to being accompanied by a new friend to the village and around town, but was not afraid of being ‘solo’….

being solo i had opportunity to dialogue with the many vendors at adisadel….northern ghanains from dagoma and tamale…peeps from accra and volta …even some women from nigeria who claim that their craftmanship “is better if not the ‘best’ of the marketplace..”
i particularly enjoy a conversation with a brother from Kumasi – land of the Kente village, Ashanti kingdom known for their mighty warriors….he entices me to go visit there – “it’s only 4 hours away” – so i can see up close how they weave the kente fabric; as well as experience the big city life…he also shares a story of how the warriors fought off the enslavers; explaining why Kumasi’s region remains less impacted by the slave trade…

in the midst of all these exchanges of pleasantries and extended conversations i meet T (another volunteer of Panafest) who becomes very interested in knowing about why i am here in Ghana …why am i here? his querie leads me to an evolving growth of consciousness around connections and disconnections so far to Ghana and its people…




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  1. John Allyn Avatar
    John Allyn

    Expanding Conscious Hatred of Women

    The expanding hatred of women through out the world is the expression of what all men have held in their unconsciousness from the beginning of their origins in a body. In 1987 students of the Mayan colander celebrated what had become known as the Harmonic Convergence. This was when our solar system entered a plasma field of high energy partials science calls cosmic rays. NASA recently published a paper on the massive amounts of cosmic rays (high energy sub-atomic parcels) now entering the earths atmosphere form an undetermined origin. They have know about this for a long time and are just now putting it out to the public to see if any one has a clue as to what this increase in energy is about.

    This energy increase is pressuring for the expansion of the emotional and physical bodies of every life form on earth. What has been held unconscious is becoming conscious or being acted out in a state of denial. Men’s unconsciousness is becoming conscious and they are evolving in understanding their collective hatred of women or it is being acted out in a state of denial (unconsciousness) as violence toward that which is hated (women).

    The root of the problem is in the Mother’s attitude of superiority born of her being the gate keeper of all that is given life. She is the first act of manifesting spirits in form. She opens space through her body for spirits to gain a body and be in form with her. She has her power in her sexuality and emotional body where a man is centered in the consciousness of mind. She has little chance of understanding her own self generated problem of being hated by that to which she gives form because mind is not her strong suite. Her primary strength is in her feeling emotional body. Consequently she has created a self image of her superiority to men unconsciously through her factuality of imagination. She has little interest in exploring this as long as she can foist upon men her image of superiority. She is in the power position (contrary to what she wants men to believe) and has no motive for change and thus must take the position that men are the problem.

    Her power is in the imprinting of an image of her superiority which she imposes upon the incoming male fetus. Mental images that are emotionally charged are easily impressed upon the fetus because it has not yet the mind with which to understand and differentiate. If the fetus can not accommodate this image of material superiority it becomes chemically incompatible with her body and its potential body becomes the blood spot of a spontaneous abortion. In order to gain a body the incoming male must agree to leave out side of form major parts of itself which would not be compatible with the Mother Superior. The result is, he is born feeling inadequate, inferior and self-hating. His self hatred he denies because he know not how to deal with it. The result is depression (turning the self hatred against one’s body) or directing the self hatred outward toward that which pressures him to feel his feelings of inadequacy. Women’s attitude of superiority is the primary agent for stimulating a man’s feeling of self hatred so she receives the majority of his violence unless she can deflect it into him fighting with some one else.

    Women are able to make a man feel self hatred and then manipulate that self hatred to get what they want (validation of their own superiority). This is much easier than most men would like to admit… The compensatory male self image that men have assumed, hoping to offset their feelings of inferiority, the woman sees right through because she watched the compensatory self image develop in children from their infancy. She knows all about it form the mental position of her Superiority.

    The woman knows how the man’s mother imposed emotionally charged images of inferiority on the boy. She know how to find some of the images by watching his eyes as she presents him with words and vocal tones which get the emotional response she is seeking. The primary one’s she seeks are shame and guilt. She wants to meet his mother because if they get along his mother will give her the keys (voice tone, word patterns, posture and sexual attitude) to her boy. If they do not get along the woman must discern the keys out of how the mother and son interact.

    Mother Superior uses shame and guilt when the child is so young it associates its own being with shame and guilt. These are two primary forms of self hatred. She uses religion to pound them in farther. One is told that if one feels no guilt or shame one has no conscience. In other words she meshes with the religious authority here. If one does not feel shame or guilt one will never be forgiven by God for one’s “original sin”. So Mother Superior wishing to remain mother superior aligns with the authorities who wish to control the masses with religion. In return for shaming the children the mother is given the Sacrament of Matrimony in order to bind the shame ridden man to her for her personal use.

    Hitler knew that he had to get the mother’s first if he was to have a war and kill her sons. In exchange for her sons he offered them the position of being the mother’s of the super race. Out of ancient India emerged two swastikas, the divine male sun swastika rotating to the right, the other being the divine female moon swastika and it rotates to the left. Hitler used the female swastika.

    I was watching the Discovery channel in around 2002. There was a documentary in Africa interviewing a young, bare breasted black woman asking her why the traditional repetitive tribal warfare in their area had all of a sudden stopped. She said that the three tribes in the area had traditionally been at war because the woman would shame their men if they did not fight the other tribes. She said that the blood shed became so great that the women of the three tribes all got together and agreed to all shame their men if they did fight and the fighting ended.

    Contrary to our current group think, patriarchy is an attempt by men to find them as we come out of a very primitive matriarchy. Only a few hundred years ago cannibalism was very common and as currently as the first world war there were still cannibals on the northern island of Japan and through out New Guinea and areas of Africa and South America.

    The pattern was usually the same everywhere. Tribes would fight each other. Captured enemy would be brought home, prepared for dinner according to tribal custom (fed well, sexed well, exercised, and rested, ECT ;), killed, cooked or eaten raw. If one looks a little closer one will notice that only the men are eaten. The women shame their men into fighting knowing that they and their brood will dine on the men from the other tribe. They probably would eat their own men but then the men might have noticed what was happening. The women knew that it would be much more feasible to get the men that they had enraged by challenging their self images as men to direct their hatred toward other men. This would deflect the focus from them toward the “enemy” while they dined to their bellies satisfaction and their hearts desire (superiority over men), all made possible by the self perpetuating revenge cycle of warfare that they put into place through the mother’s power to shame a child.

    This is difficult for men to look at. It does not quite fit with the self generated male self image. But look at it we must if we are to get out from under all the shame and guilt with which the mother imprinted her sons and which women reinforce in men every day. Men lack most of their mental facilities due to what they had to leave behind before entering form and/or due to the material shaming they have received around their points of view after birth. This entire problem of male self hatred and the resulting violence toward women can only be solved by men. Men motivated by their desire to understand and eliminate feelings of self hatred and inadequacy from their lives. By so doing men will come to understand the power of their emotions and the women have at their disposal to manipulate a man through his emotions.

    Understanding emotions can only be accomplished through their expression. Emotions are not intellectual and cannot be understood intellectually. If emotions are allowed to express as pure sound with out words, the intellect can then register what is held there and thus gain understanding around how the denied emotional charge which was held with out expression was able to be manipulated by women.

    As a man learns to express emotions as sound he literally opens his emotional body to take back parts of himself which he could not bring into form originally. This expression must be done in a place where one is safe from others judgments and fears. Emotional expression is terrifying to those who do not know what the expression is about. They will feel threatened and the authorities may get involved.

    As one takes back essence which has been lost due to ones denial of ones self, understanding is gained and woman can no longer manipulate one in order to maintain her self image as Mother Superior. She will have to evolve or experience the violence she has given birth to and nurtured. If she evolves she will be able to support her son’s healthy emotional development into a man and he will love her as she has always wanted to be loved.

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