the “O” – unfinished!

Childr’n of “O” – the workshop process begins March 31st….
This piece is a journey towards discovering the multifaceted dimensions of this iconic black woman. In this regard, she is an allegory – the metaphor of Oprah or “O” as everywoman in our culture; but not only representing women, but men, children of all races. To get at the many layers of this fascinating and beloved figure, I am experimenting with how the hybrid of disciplines I employ dance, theatre, video, conceptual art) can truly embody “O”. I am also seeking to re-establish my cultural relationship with her as a black man, coming from Chicago, ‘trying to make it’. To me “O” is an American dream realized. One that has been objectified and glorified; mammy-tized & ostracized; deemed saint and blasphemously condemned. Inside the waking conscience of cosmic space and temporal distortions exists the humanity and charisma that begat ‘The Childr’n of “O”!